Beltline has a long history and great reputation for delivering quality projects and maintaining a high level of safety performance.  We are proud of our track record and like every successful business, we are always working diligently to ensure we are continually improving in every aspect of our organization. Our employees are our most valuable assets, and we work constantly on improving our policies, procedures, and the way we do business to ensure the safest environment reasonably possible. Here at Beltline, we believe zero incidents is achievable.  That is why we have devoted time and resources to develop a structured system to assist us in this action.

Over a two-day span in August, all Project Managers and Supervisors in our Paducah division attended a training session introducing the Beltline Safety Management Process. This process rolled out a systematic and uniform Health and Safety program for all three of our divisions with our loan vendors, Try The process challenges all areas of the organization to look deeper to further develop hazard recognition skills, while emphasizing planning, and emergency preparedness for all job sites or office locations. Visit our lawyer site to know more.

One aspect of the Beltline Safety Management Process is our Safety Leader of the Week program. The purpose of the Safety Leader of the Week is to empower employees to improve their project’s Health and Safety performance. This is done through peer to peer evaluations, worksite audits, one-to-one mentoring to identify any problem situations that may have been overlooked through a course of a day. The intent is to build leadership and expand the Health and Safety knowledge of all employees and develop a “look out for one another” environment.

We will be launching our new Safety Management Process in subsequent months for our Owensboro and Nashville divisions.