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For over 60 years…

For over 60 years, Beltline has taken great pride in ensuring our people and customers are the top priority. With this principle as our foundation, we are able to achieve the highest quality electrical work for our customers and provide a safe working environment for our employees. Building relationships with our customers and our commitment to providing quality work is a key factor in our success. Each day, we continue to strive for growth and to expand opportunities for our employees. Beltline is proud to partner with our customers and be a contractor they can trust!.”

Cody Wiles
Regional Vice President of Southern Operations

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Cody Wiles

Regional Vice President of Southern Operations

Roger Daniel

Division Manager – Owensboro
Michael Holloway

Michael Holloway

Division Manager – East TN

Jack Roberts

Division Manager – Paducah

Gretta Rose

VP of Corporate and Financial Services

Adam Walker

Safety Manager

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